Ferguson Hears Plea for Calm From Michael Brown's Dad
Michael Brown's fatheer pleaded with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, to stay peaceful when a grand jury's decision is announced.

Republicans could struggle to roll back immigration changes

USA CRUZ SENATERepublicans have unlimited negative opinions on President Obama’s plan to halt the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants who have U.S. citizen children — but they will have few actual options, procedurally or politically, to roll back the changes. The GOP warnings against Obama’s executive action have bordered on apocalyptic, with one retiring Republican senator saying it would create “anarchy” and “violence” in the streets and Republican leaders vowing to fight the decision “tooth and nail.” GOP leaders have yet to announce how they might do so.

Lost New Mexico kitten found in duffel bag - in Maine
No one knows how female kitten named Spice made the 2,300-mile journey

Britain examines progress of Hinkley Point C nuclear project
LONDON (Reuters) - The British government said on Thursday it was assessing developer EDF's progress in building the new Hinkley Point C nuclear plant and reviewing costs, but played down a report that this was prompted by concerns over potential delays.

Israel demolitions 'illegal, deplorable'
Are politics, not security, behind the destruction of attackers' homes?

Pentagon reforms personnel bill payment system to curb predatory sales

U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel gestures next to Strategic Command commander Adm. Haney at a news briefing to announce reforms to the nuclear enterprise at the Pentagon in WashingtonWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon, in a bid to curb predatory sales targeting U.S. military personnel, has decided to bar troops from automatically deducting funds from their salaries to pay for consumer goods such as cars or computers, a defense official said on Friday. The Defense Department's allotment bill payment system was used by military personnel to make $3.7 billion in payments in 2012, and one-third of that amount was handled by institutions suspected of abusing the system, the official said. Beginning Jan. ...














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