Israel demolitions 'illegal, deplorable'
Are politics, not security, behind the destruction of attackers' homes?

Iran nukes
Reza Sayah goes to the streets of Tehran to get opinions from the locals about the possible nuclear energy deal.

In class obsessed Britain, tweet of 'white van' man hits nerve
ROCHESTER England (Reuters) - Posting a picture on Twitter of a two-storey house, displaying three English flags of St. George and with a white tradesman's van outside might seem innocuous to a foreign eye.

Flooding, roof collapses now major concern in western New York - Fox News

New York Times

Flooding, roof collapses now major concern in western New York
Fox News
An epic three-day storm that dumped 7 feet of snow or more in the Buffalo area finally ended early Friday, but now residents in western New York face another set of threats: rain, higher temperatures and the possibility of severe flooding. With driving bans in ...
As Snow Ends, Roof Collapses, Floods Are ConcernsABC News
New threat looms for Buffalo, NY, after epic snowfallCBS News
Fear Turns to Roofs and Flooding After Deadly Snowstorm in Buffalo, Western
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Mom saves daughter from ISIS
A Dutch mother single-handedly brings her daughter back from ISIS territory. CNN's Isa Soares has her amazing story.

How Iggy reacted to Eminem rape lyrics
With Snoop Dogg bowing out of his feud with Iggy Azalea, it seems Eminem is more than willing to take his place. The MC rapped about Azalea and rape in the same breath.