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Please click the picture to get to the directory. Baptist Distinctives, free online Bible Institute for Asia, Africa and Latin America Internet Evangelism

This online Bible Institute can also be a discipleship tool for pastors and churches. Ordinary church members usually obtain their knowledge of the Bible

I grew up in Southern Baptist churches and many of my relatives are still a part of the Convention, but when I was converted in 1973 I joined an independent Baptist

A short biography on the life of William Williams, the 'sweet singer of Wales' - known by many as Wales most famous hymn writer.

When I heard that there was a movie about to be released about Noah and the Biblical account of the flood I thought, fantastic, what a wonderful opportunity to

Many Baptist Church Policy and Polity questions can be answered by reviewing the information contained in the references on this page. If you would like to recommend

Copy of the latest church picture directory. of the pastor or to find a very busy pastor who does not have time to give BAPTIST CHURCH. AND.

Notes: (1) Jump to Against the altar call; Middle ground on the altar call; For the sinners prayer; Against the sinners prayer and Reasons not to ask

GREAT post. I agree with most of what you have said. I have attended churches that have elders and those that did not. The same type of problems exist in most churches.


Addiction Prevention PSA by Cory Jacobsen, Kasandra Jensen, Desiree Johnson.

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