I live with my parents and love it
I always pictured myself graduating from college, getting a cool job and even having a cute little place of my own. So far, I have a master's degree, and I got the coolest job ever as an emergency medicine physician assistant. But instead of waking up in a posh apartment, I hear the early-morning sounds of my family dog barking and my parents making coffee downstairs.

Retired U.S. general on how to handle IS and why we lost in Iraq, Afghanistan

101217-N-5549O-228Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, who flat-out states that the U.S. lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, argues we need to learn from past mistakes so we don’t make the same ones in the fight against the Islamic State.

France's Sarkozy wants EU to lose half its powers
PARIS/BORDEAUX (Reuters) - The European Union must hand back half of its powers, former French president Nicolas Sarkozy said on Saturday, stepping up his criticism of the 28-nation bloc as he seeks to be elected head of France's conservative party next week.

The greatest beards in history
When it comes to facial hair, there are few more passionate advocates than Phil Olsen.

Cameron seeks English lawmaker veto over English laws
LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron said he would aim to give lawmakers from England a veto over laws that do not apply to other parts of Britain, a move that could appeal to voters flirting with a surging right-wing party set to win a second parliament seat on Thursday.

Photos: Beyonce Rocks a Studded Jacket and a Fur Bag
The life and times of Beyonce.














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