What It's Like to Teach in Syria Under ISIS Rule
"Physics and chemistry contained many unholy laws, and we had to be careful not to corrupt the minds of children under ISIS rule."

Buffalo ready for flooding after record snow
N.Y. Governor Cuomo says state is preparing for the worst as 7 feet of snow meets warmer weather and rain

Aging in Oval Office: Who did it best?
CNN goes week to week with presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama for their first 198 weeks in office.

Aviva says will compensate customers sold wrong annuities
LONDON (Reuters) - British insurer Aviva plc said on Saturday it would compensate around 250 annuity customers who had been short-changed because of an error in its sales process.

How Victorians dressed for death
Today, mourning a death in the family often means donning the most formal black outfit in one's closet for one solemn afternoon. But 150 years ago, it was a reason to stash away one's current best and purchase a whole new grief-appropriate wardrobe.

Meet the queen of the dancing horses
Charlotte Dujardin's dressage dominance was recognized Wednesday evening in her native Britain as "The Girl with the Dancing Horse" was named the Sunday Times & Sky Sports Sportswoman of the Year.

Tense Ferguson braces for US grand jury decision

Protestors block traffic as they take to the streets in Ferguson, Missouri on November 22, 2014The father of a black teenager killed by police in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson sought to ease tensions as protesters stepped up calls for a grand jury to indict the white officer responsible. The predominantly African American community has been on edge over the jury's expected decision. US President Barack Obama has called for calm, Missouri's governor declared a state of emergency and the FBI deployed extra personnel. The jury can either indict police officer Darren Wilson, meaning he could face trial for the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9, or determine there is no case for him to answer.














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