China: No more 'weird' buildings
The Chinese leadership has called for less "weird architecture" to be built in the country. Does it mean the end of unusual structures like these?

2 in Missouri Charged With Lying on Forms to Buy Guns Ahead of Grand Jury Decision
Federal authorities in Missouri arrested two men who they believed tried acquiring ready-made explosives ahead of the grand jury decision in Michael Brown case.

Boy vs. Wikipedia in battle of minds
A boy explains how his love for football has helped him cope with his disability.

Climate Change, Evolution: Here's Why We Disagree
A growing body of evidence suggests that the passionate debate over public issues ranging from climate change to evolution has little to do with the facts.

Ex-Portugal Premier arrested
Former Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates and three other people were arrested in connection with an investigation into suspected tax fraud, corruption and money laundering, the country's prosecutor general's office said Saturday.

I'm a feminist, and I converted to Islam
I am a Muslim, but I wasn't always. I converted to Islam in November 2001, two months after 9/11.

Twins reunited on Facebook
Twin sisters Anais Bordier and Sam Futerman were separated at birth 25 years ago and reunites through social media.

Election, EU uncertainty to add risk to British markets
LONDON (Reuters) - Investors in British assets may be headed for a year of uncertainty as the developed world's second fastest growing economy faces something more usually associated with emerging markets: political risk.