Joe Arpaio goes to court over Obama immigration moves
Arizona sheriff who has often clashed with federal government wants to stop president's new policies

Are flip phones hip again?
Hipsters, rejoice. Next time you ride your fixed-gear bicycle to the the thrift store, where you find a vintage, grease-stained mechanic's shirt that matches your Rollie Fingers mustache and Grizzly Adams beard, there's an edgy, if technologically sub-optimal, way to tell your friends about it.

Michelin's 'undisputed leader' in cuisine
Tokyoites may brag about having the most Michelin stars in the world, but Hong Kongers can actually eat in theirs without breaking the bank.

Texting can lead to neck pain
A new report finds that hunching over smartphones can stress people's spines. Dr. Devi Nampiaparampil joins CBSN to discuss the findings.

UK concedes defeat in bid to block EU bank bonus limit
BRUSSELS/LONDON (Reuters) - Britain suffered an embarrassing defeat in its attempt to block the European Union's new limits on bank bonuses on Thursday, withdrawing its legal challenge after an adviser to the bloc's top court made clear it was unlikely to succeed.

Retired U.S. general on how to handle IS and why we lost in Iraq, Afghanistan

101217-N-5549O-228Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, who flat-out states that the U.S. lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, argues we need to learn from past mistakes so we don’t make the same ones in the fight against the Islamic State.

Man survives fall from building onto car in S.F.
A man was seriously injured after falling from a building and landing onto a car in San Francisco's financial district, fire officials said. The man was transported to a hospital and the driver of the vehicle was uninjured.

"Dream trip" to Disney World turns into deadly nightmare
Parents, 3 children killed in accident on interstate during road trip from Texas to Florida