Virtual wonders enter workplace
A winter commute can seem far easier when the office is a Caribbean beach complete with lapping waves, a lilting calypso soundtrack, and no boss to bother you.

2 Minneapolis Men Charged With Trying to Help ISIS
The FBI has arrested a college student and charged another man.

Man Freed After 39 Years in Prison Offers Thanks
Ohio inmate freed from prison after nearly 4 decades thanks law project he says saved him

Art vs politics at London auctions of Russian paintings
LONDON (Reuters) - Paintings vied with politics in London this week as two of the biggest auction houses, Christie's and Sotheby's, competed with each other to cater to the hard-to-predict market for Russian art masterpieces.

Protests respond to Ferguson decision around the country
For a second night, protests sparked around the U.S. following a St. Louis County grand jury's decision to not charge Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson with the August shooting death of Michael Brown

Racial unrest in US after Ferguson officer not indicted

A police car burns during clashes between police and protesters in Ferguson, Missouri on November 24, 2014 over the decision not to indict the officer in the shooting death 18-year-old Michael BrownLong-standing racial tensions in the United States have flared once again after a night of violence and protests over a Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict a white policeman who shot dead an unarmed black teen. Hopes and appeals -- including from President Barack Obama -- for a peaceful reaction in the St Louis suburb of Ferguson to the decision evaporated quickly after the decision was announced late Monday. Protesters shot at police, looted stores and set cars and buildings ablaze in what police said was the worst violence since officer Darren Wilson shot dead 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9. Early Tuesday, an eerie quiet pervaded the streets of Ferguson, with very few people in the streets and a police helicopter buzzing overhead.

Britain awards immigration centre contract to incumbent Serco
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain has awarded outsourcing group Serco a 70 million pound contract to manage an immigration centre over the next eight years.

10 works of art that shocked the world
As the Turner Prize turns 30 years old, we look at the formula for controversy and what the work we hate says about our society.