Ready to trust a driverless car?
Industry experts debate on how the perception of driverless cars must be changed before they can be accepted as the future of transportation.

U.S.: Boys rescued from snow cave
The two boys who were discovered early Thanksgiving morning buried under 5 feet of snow -- and the officer with a hunch who rescued them -- recounted their harrowing tale at a hospital news conference Friday.

Is a China-Japan thaw likely?
OK, so Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's brief summit featured all the enthusiasm of two unhappy schoolboys forced to make up after a schoolyard dust-up.

Indian cousins 'hanged themselves'
Police conclude two cousins thought to have been gang raped and murdered climbed a mango tree and killed themselves -- claims their relatives say are "all about caste."

You won't think these images aren't photos
The images you are about to see may shock or confound you. When portraiture looks this realistic, it can be hard to accept that what you see is just paint on a canvas, or ink scratches on a page.

Black Friday: Deals aplenty, but thinner crowds
Millions of consumers are expected to pour into stores, but the way people shop for the holidays is shifting

How Syrian Electronic Army Pulled Off Thanksgiving Day Hacks
The Syrian Electronic Army re-emerged Thanksgiving Day to pull off a minor but annoying hack via a U.S. firm.

Who runs ISIS?
Tom Foreman explains how ISIS's ruthless leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is quickly making a name for himself.