Folk Dance In Luzon

Philippine Folk Dance Carinosa

Philippine Folk Dance Carinosa.

Luzon Folk Dance Third Year(1st Cam, Part 1)

Third Year Faith and

Idudu (Luzon Folk Dance)

All about the Philippines rich culture, literature, dances, folk songs, folk tales, heroes and famous people who shaped the nation as it is now.

Philippine Folk Dance Polka Bal - YouTube YouTube home


"Awesome" Intermission: "Binasuan" 1st Prize Winner, Folk Dance Category Central Luzon Regional Himigsayawitan 2012 at Aliw Theater.


Held on September 8, 2012 at Binghay Memorial Cultural Sports Complex, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines. Buanoy National High School which is the official

Cariosa (IPA: [kariosa]) is a flirtatious Philippine group dance in the Maria Clara suite of Philippine folk dances where the fan or handkerchief plays an

TIKLOS : Philippine Folk Dance

Tiklos (also called "pintakasi") is the Waray equivalent to the "bayanihan". Groups of people work for somebody without hoping for anything in return. They

Salakot Dance (Philippines Folk Dance)

The salakot is a wide brimmed hat which protects the Filipinos from the heat of the sun and rain. In this dance, the salakot is used to enhance the dance

Salidumay 2012

Phillipine Folk Dance, Salidumay, from the norther tribes in Luzon, Philippines performed by KPE in Salt Lake City, Utah Mar 16, 2012.

Itik-itik (Philippine Folk Dance)

Part 2 of Sinulog Festival 2008 series. Itik-Itik is a mimetic dance that depicts the movements of wading and flying itik (ducks). Dancers mimic the short

Lesson plan in Mapeh 1. : a. identify different philippine folk dance b. know the history and origin of the different philippine folk dances

Luzon Folk Dance Third Year(2nd CP Cam, Part 2)

Third Year Faith and Hope.

Group the class into 4 with 8-10 members each group. Present some pictures of different Philippine folk dances, tell the student to identify the Philippine folk dance

Zamboanga - Philippine Folk Dance

Folk Dance.

"IGUROT" Folk Dance

Philippines Troupe ,09 Tokushima "ASTY"Japan Annie,Tets,Cel,Maui.

The salakot is a wide brimmed hat which protects the Filipinos from the heat of the sun and rain. In this dance, the salakot is used to enhance the dance

Philippine folk dance has a long and diverse history. Each region in the Philippines features its own folk dances, originating from the precolonial era to the time of

Philippine Folk Dances - IDUDU

Idudu- Abra, Cordillera A tribal dance. This dance stages a common family life in the Itneg or Tinguian society.

Countries in the world have their own cultures made more colorful, beautiful and vibrant because of Folk Dances that are reflection of who they are.

Philippine folk dance is one of the Philippine cultures that incorporate influences from immigrants and conquerors while at the same time maintaining their own

Filipino folk dance history is not the history of a single national dance of one or two regions. Dances evolved from different regions which are distinct from one

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