Dance Folk Philippine Values

The traditional music of the Philippines, like the folk music of other countries, reflects the life of common, mostly rural Filipino. Like its counterparts in Asia, a

A journey to the Philippines through music and dance

Enjoy the music and culture of the Philippines with the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon (SSMO). Their annual armchair vacations provide the Sisters, young and

The history of folk dance dates back several centuries, though very little detail is known about its origins. While nobody is really sure what folk dancing looked

Exhibit: Traditional Music of the Southern Philippines: ETHS 545. Written by Philip Dominguez Mercurio. Edited by Master Danongan Sibay Kalanduyan

Jeju World Culture Travel Expo . The Kalilayan Folkloric Group (KFG), the multi awarded folk dance group from Catanauan, Quezon, has once again made the

As varied are the people of the Philippines, so too are the dances. There are many dances performed in the Philippine Islands such as the popular "Tinikling", to the

The Folk Songs of Cordillera Region (Highlands of Luzon) helps us discover the way of life of the Cordillera people through themes about nature, family life, work in

Traditional Folk Dances from the Philippines

Part 4 of 4 Original Air Date: 9/24/2014 Representatives from Malaya Filipino-American Dance Arts Bibak Dance Ensemble present several folk dances from

Interpretative Dance Filipino I - Group 2

Asian folk dance goes back thousands of years and comes from many different sources. Dancing for fun or as part of a rich heritage, people still perform the moves in

Thailand Happiness (Trip Advise Folk Dance)

Folk Dance, the Trip Adviser for Every Sunday of the week, there is a entertaining street north of Chiangrai General Hospital call Tanon Khon Muan or the

Here is a short write up on the music and dances of Tamil Nadu. Read to know more about the folk music and dance forms of Tamil Nadu.

Tekniqlingz Modernizes Traditional Filipino Folk Dance

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The dance is called Zapin Tenglu, one of the many types of zapin dances in Malaysia. This type of zapin dance is originated from the state of Johor and

Remarkable folk dance performed by Sangtam tribe

Sangtam tribalmens showcasing the daily life of the Nagas and the way they cultivated an interesting form of drama displayed at Honbill Festival. The

DANCE ORIGIN: Philippines GENRE: Contemporary Folkloric (Turmandok/ Suludnon tribe) ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/CHOREOGRAPHER: Rudi Soriano First Appearance in SF EDF: 1994

President Obama in Seoul, South Korea-Why Jesus is called Hesus in Philippines

O Hesus, Hilumin Mo KORO: O Hesus, hilumin Mo Aking sugatang puso Nang aking mahango Kapwa kong kasimbigo Hapis at pait Iyong patamisin At hagkan ang sakit

World Culture Open (Cultural competition)

The World Culture Open 2004 Cultural Competition was held in Seoul, Korea. Nearly 400 artists from every inhabitable continent in the world had landed on

Filipino Traits ( Negative and Positive )

well this just our project in Philippine History so dont ya dare to have some hard feelings aye ! Just enjoy k ? :) and dont forget to comment , like , and

Garo tribe performs Wangala dance

Folk dance of Garo tribe 'Wangala' being performed at the Hornbill festival 2013 at Kisama Heritage village. The Hornbill festival held in the first week of

I first compiled a list of folk dance teaching references for a folk dance teacher training seminar. There were many works that I did not include for lack of research

IBYANG, A Philippine Journey

Manila Downtown YMCA proudly presents "IBYANG, A Philippine Journey". This musical folktale will bring us to a colorful journey of an enchanting Babaylan,


There are a number of zapin dance types performed in this segment , among others are Zapin Tenglu, Zapin Kores, Zapin Tanjung Labuh, Zapin Sri Bunian and

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