Ferguson Hears Plea for Calm From Michael Brown's Dad
Michael Brown's fatheer pleaded with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, to stay peaceful when a grand jury's decision is announced.

The woman with 50 mustaches
It's Movember, that time of year when men everywhere grow ridiculous looking mustaches to raise awareness about men's health.

2nd Man Walks Free After Judge Dismisses 1975 Case
2nd man charged in 1975 Ohio slaying walks free after witness recants, judge dismisses case

Japanese 'black widow' under scrutiny
A 67-year-old woman who reportedly received millions in life insurance money from at least five of her previous partners has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning her last husband with cyanide -- the latest high-profile case in Japan involving so-called "black widows."

Obama orders immigration overhaul
President Barack Obama orders the most sweeping overhaul of U.S. immigration in decades, prioritizing the deportation of "felons, not families."

In class obsessed Britain, tweet of 'white van' man hits nerve
ROCHESTER England (Reuters) - Posting a picture on Twitter of a two-storey house, displaying three English flags of St. George and with a white tradesman's van outside, might seem innocuous to a foreign eye.

Obama to transform immigration policy, spare 5 million from deportation

U.S. President Obama announces executive actions on immigration during nationally televised address from the White House in WashingtonPresident Barack Obama will announce a sweeping overhaul of immigration policy that will affect up to 5 million people and shape his legacy — but also court legal and political challenges from Republicans who say he's overstepping his authority.

Protesters arrested in clash outside Ferguson police station
Rising tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, led to a confrontation outside of a police station Thursday night. CBS News saw several demonstrators arrested. Mark Strassmann reports from Ferguson.














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