How tennis conquered the world
He's one of the leading movers and shakers in the tennis world -- and now ATP chairman Chris Kermode's sights are set on world domination.

Gunman shoots at buildings in downtown Austin
A gunman fired several shots at downtown buildings, including the police headquarters, before he was shot. Much of downtown Austin is still closed off this morning. Bob Orr reports.

Videos show nationwide protests over Ferguson decision Monday night
Witnesses shot many videos of the protests that erupted across the country Monday night after a grand jury decided not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

Is this the world's first 'stalker drone'?
They can already deliver pizzas, monitor endangered species and reign down Hellfire missiles from an altitude of 50,000 feet. Now, a drone that can follow people with nobody at the controls.

Let us curb welfare for migrants or risk British EU exit: UK's Cameron
LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's continued membership of the European Union is contingent upon it being allowed to stop migrants from the bloc tapping into its relatively generous welfare system, Prime Minister David Cameron will warn on Friday.

Taliban kill five in Kabul in attacks on British embassy car, foreign compound
KABUL (Reuters) - The Taliban bombed a British embassy vehicle in the Afghan capital Kabul on Thursday morning, killing five people, and attacked a foreign compound in the city centre in the evening, officials and witnesses said.

Thousands protest at US embassy in London over Ferguson case

Demonstrators stand and chant with placards during a protest outside the US embassy in London on November 26, 2014 over the US court decision not to charge the policeman who killed unarmed black teenager Michael Brown in the town of FergusonLondon (AFP) - Thousands protested in London on Wednesday in sympathy with demonstrations across the US over the killing of a black teenager by a white police officer.