Psychics In Lilydale New York

A walk in Lily Dale, NY.

A walk in Lily Dale, NY. Town full of St. to first St. Large white building on left first ten seconds it so in background is Maple Wood Hotel.

Rev. John White featured in the film "Village Of Spirits"

These clips from the Film "Village Of Spirits", filmed in Lilydale N. Y, features Rev. John White. The clips of the film explain about Spiritualism, it's

Lilydale - Phantom Tour: the 13 Most Haunted Places in Western New York

In this excerpt from The Phantom Tour: the 13 Most Haunted Places in Western New York, paranormal researcher Mason Winfield explores the religion of

Spiritualism, Lily Dale, and Psychic History

In this video Travis discusses the importance of Spiritualism, the

HBO TV Psychic Michelle Whitedove at Lily Dale

This is behind the scenes footage of Celebrity Psychic Spiritual Medium Michelle Whitedove America's 1 Psychic Medium at Lily Dale Spiritualist Camp.

Lily Dale New York TV

Lily Dale New York TV.

Lily Dale Assembly 2013

Join the El Dorado Paranormal Investigations team on their bus tour to the famous Lily Dale Assembly, in Lily Dale, New York. Team Leader, Christine B.,

Lily Dale HBO Documentary on the Today Show 6/22/10

Commentary about the Lily Dale HBO Documentary on the Today Show 6/22/10. The HBO Special "No One Dies In Lily Dale" which debuts July 5th 2010 on HBO.

Divaldo Franco

This is a phenomenal workshop given by the Brazilian medium and speaker Divaldo Franco on July 22, 2006 in the auditorium of the Lily Dale Assembly, NY. (

A Spirit Visits Adam Bernstein in Lily Dale, NY

ADAM and the SPIRIT Receive a FREE PSYCHIC READING with Adam Bernstein. 1. Like our page 2. Share this video on your page

Lily Dale New York Winter 2008

Lily Dale New York Winter 2008.

Spiritualist Village of Lily Dale, New York

From a 2000 visit to Lily Dale, in western New York State (the "Burned-Over District"), where the American religion of Spiritualism sprang up in the 1800s,

Day at Lily Dale NY

We recently spent a day at Lily Dale, NY. Which is a town that was founded by the spiritualist movement. The weather was great. We had a lot of fun

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