11/27: Severe weather causes holiday headaches; and, No quit for the ‘Queen of Carbon’
A winter storm in the Northeast frustrated travelers on the busy Thanksgiving holiday and knocked out power to more than 300,000 homes and businesses ; and, MIT professor Mildred Dresselhaus was among the 18 Americans honored by President Obama with the Medal of Freedom this week. The 84-year-old goes to work every single day of the week and is showing no signs of stopping.

Ex-UK minister loses libel case over police 'pleb' row
LONDON (Reuters) - A former minister in Prime Minister David Cameron's government lost a libel case on Thursday over a newspaper article which said he had insultingly referred to police as "plebs".

Haunted Falklands vet finds Argentine marine's family

Falklands War veteran Gordon Hoggan holds the helmet of an Argentinian soldier he killed as he poses for pictures at his local pub during an interview with AFP in Derby, East Midlands, England, on November 5, 2014Buenos Aires (AFP) - A British veteran searching for the identity of an Argentine marine he killed in the Falklands War will get a chance for closure after a newspaper found the man's family.

140 million expected to shop online, in stores for Black Friday
Holiday shopping kicks off with an estimated 140 million shoppers expected to hit the stores or shop online this weekend. CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson joins "CBS This Morning" from San Francisco.

Police Arrest 118 Globally for Flight Ticket Fraud
Police arrest 118 people around the world following global airline ticket fraud investigation

Watershed moment for climate politics
For the world's two largest economies -- and largest emitters of greenhouse gas -- to announce a sustained commitment to reducing carbon emissions by almost a third by the year 2030 is a watershed moment for climate politics on so many fronts.

Qatar football job 'ruined my life'
Soccer star Zahir Belounis tells of his ordeal, trapped by Qatari employment law.














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