Is 'Harry Potter's' Quidditch going pro?
A broom between their legs, players insist their sport is more high-performance than Harry Potter.

EU agrees law to curb plastic bag use
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU governments unanimously approved a new law to slash the use of plastic grocery bags on Friday, hoping to curb litter on land and a spreading "plastic soup" in the world's oceans.

Holder Appeals for Peace Ahead of Ferguson Decision
On possible decision day in Ferguson, Attorney General Eric Holder calls on concerned Americans express themselves peacefully.

UKIP set for landmark poll win

Electoral officials count votes from the by-election in Rochester, Kent, southern England, on November 20, 2014Rochester (United Kingdom) (AFP) - Anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) was set to claim its second seat in parliament, as votes were counted early Friday in the town of Rochester, potentially foreshadowing a political upheaval at next year's general election.

In new video, Michael Brown's father calls for calm in Ferguson
The slain teen's father urges peace, regardless of whether or not a grand jury decides to indict the police officer who shot his son

Retired U.S. general on how to handle IS and why we lost in Iraq, Afghanistan

101217-N-5549O-228Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger, who flat-out states that the U.S. lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, argues we need to learn from past mistakes so we don’t make the same ones in the fight against the Islamic State.

Gergen: Obama's dangerous move
There is something deeply troubling about President Obama's decision to grant legal safe haven to unauthorized immigrants by executive order.