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"Domestic Discipline is Abuse?" Part 2: Chelsea's Story ...

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Domestic Discipline | Spanking Stories By Real Spankos

Adult Domestic Discipline Spanking Stories ... is coming very soon for you adults who need discipline in your lives!


Domestic Discipline -- Is Domestic Discipline Loving ...

Here's a look at whether or not domestic discipline borders on domestic abuse and violence in marriage and whether or not domestic discipline is scriptually based or ...

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The leading resource for traditional Christian Domestic Discipline marriage!


Beginning Domestic Discipline - A Division of Learning ...

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Domestic Discipline UK

Dear Reader: This site is under new ownership and management with an expected opening date around the middle of May 2013. Do you have a domestic discipline story ...


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Domestic discipline may refer to: General topics Corporal punishment in the home, punishment of a child, normally the spanking or slapping of a child with the parent ...


What is Christian domestic discipline (CDD)?

What is Christian domestic discipline (CDD)? Does the Bible teach that a husband has the authority to physically discipline his wife?


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This tribe is about the specific issues that are unique to relationships where one partner assumes more power and control than the other. We are