Cameron says will need EU treaty change to curb immigration
ROCESTER, England (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday he would require the European Union to change its founding treaties to allow him to restrict migrants from the bloc tapping into his country's welfare system.

UK house price inflation slows to 11-month low - Nationwide
LONDON (Reuters) - The annual rate of increase in British house prices fell to its lowest level in nearly a year this month as the property market continued to lose momentum, figures from mortgage lender Nationwide showed on Friday.

Kim Jong Un's aunt 'died after husband's execution'
The aunt of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un suffered a fatal stroke while she was on the phone with him, arguing about her husband's execution, a defector says.

The movie stars behind the monkeys
From "Lord of the Rings" to "Tintin," Andy Serkis is the king of motion-capture performance. But how do you get from Serkis performing in a skintight suit to the emotionally charged animations we see on screen?

Haunted Falklands vet finds Argentine marine's family

Falklands War veteran Gordon Hoggan holds the helmet of an Argentinian soldier he killed as he poses for pictures at his local pub during an interview with AFP in Derby, East Midlands, England, on November 5, 2014Buenos Aires (AFP) - A British veteran searching for the identity of an Argentine marine he killed in the Falklands War will get a chance for closure after a newspaper found the man's family.

What's next for Darren Wilson?
Now that a Missouri grand jury has decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, what will happen to the man who killed an unarmed teen in the line of duty?

I live with my parents and love it
I always pictured myself graduating from college, getting a cool job and even having a cute little place of my own. So far, I have a master's degree, and I got the coolest job ever as an emergency medicine physician assistant. But instead of waking up in a posh apartment, I hear the early-morning sounds of my family dog barking and my parents making coffee downstairs.

Fears for player who bowled fatal delivery
Tragic death prompts "gentlemen's game" to ask questions about safety.