Amputee shows off two new arms
A 40-year-old quad amputee was all thank you's at a news conference Tuesday at a Boston-area hospital as he showed off his two new arm transplants.

Top Democrat says Obama focus on healthcare in 2009 was mistake

U.S. Senator Schumer casts his vote at a polling station in the Brooklyn Borough of New YorkBy Amanda Becker WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A top U.S. Senate Democrat said on Tuesday that President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats made a major political blunder in 2009 when they chose to focus on healthcare reform instead of concentrating on fixing the economy. Charles Schumer, the No. 3 Senate Democrat, said it "made no political sense" for the party to push healthcare reform as its highest domestic priority when lack of health insurance coverage affected only a small portion of voters. ...

Nor'easter Expected to Snarl Thanksgiving Travel Plans
More than 46 million people will be traveling this week for Thanksgiving, making it the most-traveled day in United States this year.

US may send additional troops to Afghanistan next year

US soldiers walk through the site of a suicide attack in Kabul on October 13, 2014The US military likely will keep a slightly larger force in Afghanistan in 2015 than first planned and American troops will have authority to come to the aid of Afghan forces if necessary, officials said Tuesday. The United States may have to deploy hundreds of additional forces in coming months, beyond the 9,800-strong contingent announced previously, because of a shortfall in troop contributions from NATO members, defense officials told AFP. Commanders were still working out the details but there was a shortage of roughly 400 to 700 NATO troops that would need to be filled temporarily by US forces through the winter months of 2015, said a defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity. The shortfall was a result of the delayed signing of a bilateral security agreement this year between Washington and Kabul, which also complicated deals with other NATO countries to deploy troops to Afghanistan starting next year.

Mexico's embattled government poised to unveil law and order measures
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Following mass protests in Mexico over the apparent massacre of 43 trainee teachers two months ago, the government will unveil measures this week designed to improve policing and fix a failing justice system, lawmakers said on Tuesday.

My mother deserved dignity
Dying with dignity is more than just for the person who is dying. It's for their loved ones.

The woman with 50 mustaches
It's Movember, that time of year when men everywhere grow ridiculous looking mustaches to raise awareness about men's health.

Obama: "No sympathy" for violent acts in Ferguson
The president said he is ready to work with people who want to solve problems constructively